Patty Hou shows off her seven-month-old son

Patty Hou’s seven-month-old son appears on her Facebook again, looking “more and more like his mummy”, as fans commented

Patty Hou shows off her seven-month-old son

Last September, former news anchor Patty Hou gave birth to her son Ian and kept it low-key. She raised Ian quietly and the only photo of him that surfaced on the Internet was of his footprint. It was only on the 4th of this month that she officially showed lovely photos of him for all to see.

Patty revealed that her son has been drinking her breast milk for three months. During this period, she turned down her job offers because she had slight depression and weight loss since giving birth and is running low on breast milk.

Fortunately, her son has grown healthy and plump. On Sunday morning, the 37-year-old posted a photo of Ian on Facebook, who looked adorable with his wide-eyed expression and slight smile with his little hands positioned near his head.

The actress-host posted, “Although everyone says that my child looks like his father, I feel that he looks more and more like me!”

Many fans commented that he looks “very cute” and “more and more like his mummy”, some said that “he looks like both mother and father”, while others asserted that Ian will “grow up to be a handsome man”.

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