Peter Ho goes public with 8-year relationship

Actor gives no details on plans for wedding, children

Peter Ho 1

Taiwanese-American singer and actor Peter Ho, 40, has finally gone public with his 8-year relationship with his rumoured girlfriend, Peggy. He posted photos on Weibo yesterday to confirm he’s dating.

“Why do folks always post photos of holding hands when they announce they’re in a relationship?” he wrote. “Fine, I’ll do the same.”

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And while attending a promotional event for his new drama series Beautiful Secret later yesterday, Peter announced he had found his life partner. “I didn’t confirm the relationship because I wanted to keep my professional and personal lives separate,” he explained.

“I didn’t want it to detract from my focus on working hard, and I hoped I could protect my partner and family so that she could be in a relationship as any regular person.”

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The actor changed his mind not because he’s about to get married, but because the year is ending soon and he felt he shouldn’t keep hiding. But he didn’t divulge any details on plans for their wedding or any children. “There’s no hurry, I’ve already got a fur kid,” he said, referring to his dog.

Peter has been romantically linked with Peggy since 2009, but he’d never named her as his girlfriend. Even when the couple were seen on dates recently, he would only say, “I don’t deny it,” when asked about their official relationship status.

Peter Ho dodges questions on marriage  

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