Photo of Vivian Hsu’s newborn sets off online debate on car seats

Actress handles fans’ comments with grace

Vivian Hsu

Ordinarily, a photo on Facebook of Vivian Hsu returning home from hospital with her newborn son, Dalton Lee, would not have stood out, but the Taiwanese actress’s use of a car seat for her baby sparked a lively discussion among her fans.

“Is a car seat appropriate for such a small baby?” one commented. “Should newborns be transported sitting up or lying down?” wrote another.

All Vivian wanted was to share an update on how fast Dalton was growing after being discharged, She wrote that he had already outgrown some clothes, and said she was glad to see him getting stronger day by day.

The actress clarified on Facebook that in Singapore, babies under a certain weight must sit in car seats, otherwise fines and demerit points will follow.

She added that the car seat she bought for Dalton was a model recommended for newborns, and wrote, “It was rather noisy and at times bumpy on the road, but Little V slept through his first journey out of the hospital.”

Commenting on the flurry of posts giving her baby-transporting tips, Vivian wrote, “It’s OK, we’re all learning from one another.”

Vivian is recuperating in Singapore after giving birth to Dalton here on August 13.

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