Photos of Fan Bingbing “having sex on a horse” take internet by storm

The Chinese actress said that she would “inform Li Chen in advance” if she needs to shoot a scene like that again

Photos of Fan Bingbing’s “sex on a horse” circulate the net

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Hong Kong actor-singer Leon Lai star in the upcoming epic romance war film Lady of the Dynasty, her first movie since she announced her relationship with actor boyfriend Li Chen.

Photos from a particular scene in the movie where she is straddling a horse while “having sex” have been making the rounds online yesterday. In the scene, Leon’s character rips apart Bingbing’s clothes, revealing her strapless bra.

Netizens began to comment that the scene is “too much” and jokingly asked, “Would the horse be affected?” Some even took to Li Chen’s Weibo to ask for his opinions on the scene.

Speaking about the photos, Bingbing explained to the media, “This scene speaks of humanity, love, life and death. It’s a depiction of love and the tension between a people through a new perspective.”

Photos of Fan Bingbing’s “sex on a horse” circulate the net

She also revealed that Li Chen is supportive of her and said, “Working in the same line, we both have mutual respect and understanding.”

Bingbing continued to explain, “As a professional actor, I have to understand that certain shows and roles have requirements and after a certain stage, there’s no such thing as ‘too much’.”

She added with a laugh, “If I ever have to shoot this type of scene again, I will definitely inform Li Chen in advance.”

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