Pictures of Kris Wu in bed with an ex-girlfriend found to be fake

The pictures showed a man with an uncanny resemblance to the star


Recently, Weibo users claiming to be the ex-girlfriends of ex-EXO member Kris Wu has heated up the internet world, as they posted pictures of a Kris-lookalike in bed, as well as their text conversations online.

On Tuesday, a user with the nickname “LittleGna” started claiming that she was the ex-girlfriend of Kris, and posted a picture of their past texts. The user also claimed that Kris had started ignoring her suddenly, in order to break up with her, and complained that he should at least inform her when he wants to break up.

After fans of the 25-year-old started investigating her claims, LittleGna deleted her post and changed her username in an attempt to stop fans from posting derogatory comments.

Kris’s work studio later took to their Weibo to deny that said user was his ex-girlfriend, and stated that they will be taking legal action against any other malicious posts.


However, on the very same night, another user posted two pictures of her in bed with a man who strongly resembles Kris. The man in the picture had  a buzz cut and was seen wearing a earring, renewing the suspicions that Kris currently has a girlfriend.

The singer-actor’s work studio has yet to issue a statement about the new pictures, but fans have refuted these allegations and concluded that the man in the pictures is not Kris.

The 28-year-old has a scar on his head from an injury and tattoos on his back, both of which were not present in the pictures, confirming their suspicions that the man is just a doppelganger of Kris and not the real deal.

Photos: PBE Media

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