Power singer G.E.M. turns into MasterChef at home

The Hong Kong songbird enjoys organising cooking contests with her friends 

Power singer G.E.M. turns into MasterChef at home
Photos:  UnUsUaL Entertainment

There’s no stopping Hong Kong-based singer G.E.M. (acronym for Get Everybody Moving), who propelled to international fame after participating in I Am a Singer 2 last year, from scaling greater heights in the popularity game.

Due to overwhelming response, local organiser UnUsUaL Entertainment added two extra nights to the Singapore leg of G.E.M.’s X.X.X. Live World Tour that is happening at The Max Pavilion (Singapore Expo) later this month. At the moment, the shows on Jan 31 and Feb 1 have sold out while 95 percent of the tickets to the additional gig on Jan 30 have already been snapped up.

In a phone interview with xinmsn last Friday, G.E.M (whose real name is Gloria Tang), confessed her surprise about the fantastic support from the local fans. “I can see where my fans are from, based on the statistics on my Facebook page. So I’ve always thought that I don’t have many fans in Singapore!” she exclaimed. “It’s a huge, huge encouragement for me to be able to receive such a great response for my first concert there.”

It would also mark the 23-year-old’s first visit to the little red dot. Sharing that she once watched local film I Not Stupid, G.E.M. reckons that “Singapore is a very clean country”. If given the opportunity, she would love to go around the city to take some pictures.

Power singer G.E.M. turns into MasterChef at home
For her second world tour, G.E.M. will be staging 11 shows in one month, which is extremely demanding for the petite singer in the physical aspect. In order to build her stamina and muscular strength, the songstress has changed her workout regime from cardio exercise to weight training.

To remain in tip-top condition, the Shanghai-born songbird is also particularly stringent about her diet. “I ate too much before my previous tour. When I look at my old photos, I realised I put on weight. From then on, I started preparing my own meals because eating food from outside made me fat!” G.E.M. cried.

Occasionally, G.E.M. would post pictures of her nutritious homemade meals on Facebook. “There are a few things that I don’t put in my dishes. I don’t use MSG (monosodium glutamate). I only cook with coconut or olive oil, and low-sodium salt. The seasoning that I use is mainly black pepper and spices,” shared the singer.

With a growing interest in culinary, G.E.M. has even organised mini “MasterChef” cooking contests at home. “Some of my friends come to my place often. Two of us would create our own menus and the rest of them would be the judges!” she beamed. “There was once when my soup won hands down but my other dish lost miserably!”

 G.E.M. will perform three nights at The Max Pavilion (Singapore Expo) from Jan 30 to Feb 1.

G.E.M. no longer reads negative reports about herself

Since G.E.M. kicked off her X.X.X. Live World Tour last May, the singer has performed to sellout crowds in 29 cities. Along with fame came notorious reports about G.E.M.’s “diva attitude” as well as widespread rumours regarding her break-up with Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin.

Calling 2014 a year where she experienced major changes in various aspects of her life, G.E.M. said: “Be it my singing, interaction with the audience, handling stress and different problems in life, or my attitude towards my family, I have grown a lot. To me, 2014 was a very fulfilling year.”

In the past 12 months, G.E.M. faced an unprecedented number of negative reports about herself, something which the leather-lunged singer admitted to be very upset about at one point. However, the 23-year-old has since learned to change her perspective in dealing with such issues by adopting a positive mindset.

Although she has no control over other people’s opinions, G.E.M. believes that time has the best explanation and is the best evidence for everything. “I may not be able to explain myself [to everyone], but at least I try to make everyone that I interact with feel my sincerity,” she added.

“I no longer read those reports, because whether I do that or not, life goes on. It is better to maintain a happy mood so that I would spread only positive energy to my crew, family and friends, and the fans,” reiterated G.E.M.

Tickets to G.E.M. X.X.X. Live World Tour in Singapore are available at all SISTIC outlets.
This interview is translated by Dang Hui Ling.

G.E.M. X.X.X. Live World Tour in Singapore
Dates: Jan 30, Jan 31 (Sold Out) and Feb 1 (Sold Out)
Time: 7.30PM
Venue: The MAX Pavilion @ Singapore Expo Hall 10
Ticket prices: $248, $228, $188, $128 (excludes SISTIC booking fee) 

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