Pregnant Angelica Lee craves wonton noodles

Actress’s husband Oxide Pang drives her out to hunt for supper


Malaysian actress Angelica Lee, 40, has been suffering food cravings lately, and a hankering for wonton noodles past 10 p.m. sent her and her husband, Hong Kong director Oxide Pang, on a hunt for supper.

The actress posted a detailed Facebook update on her pregnancy on Wednesday.

During the late-night supper trip, Angelica and Oxide took a long time to find a restaurant that was still open, but it didn’t serve the Malaysian-style wonton noodles with char siew she wanted, and she had to settle for a plate of Singapore fried noodles.

Angelica, who is carrying twins, said she has gotten over morning sickness — at its worst she vomited six or seven times in one day and endured stomachaches. She had to take medication and receive injections to ease the discomfort, and her mother couldn’t bear to see her in pain.

But every time she saw her babies during the ultrasound scan, she felt it was all worth it, she wrote.

Angelica’s thin frame despite her pregnancy led some fans to wonder if she was controlling her diet or eating poorly. But she said she has always been skinny and she can eat an enormous amount without putting on weight — while filming she can down five or six meals a day.

The couple announced they were expecting their twins last month. Angelica is due this May.

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