Pregnant Vivian Hsu’s fans correct her on safety belt use

Vivian Hsu switched the position of her safety belt, accepting her fans’ advice

Pregnant Vivian Hsu’s fans correct her on safety belt use

Currently, Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu is over four months pregnant. Two days ago (May 23), the 40-year-old Vivian shared a photograph on Facebook of her sitting in a car with the seatbelt strapped above her tummy. On her way to a check-up, her complexion appeared very radiant.

When concerned netizens reminded her, “Placing the safety belt below the bump is better for Little V’s safety,” she posted a second photo shortly after to show that she had adjusted the position of her safety belt.

The mother-to-be captioned, “Thank you for the advice, all of you mothers out there. Look, this time the seat belt is underneath the bump. Hope this is right!”

Thus far, the older mother has suffered a fair bit during her pregnancy, as she was bedridden and on a hospital drip for nearly one month. She needed to receive injections on a daily basis to aid her blood circulation up until she was discharged last month on April 24.

However, Vivian has been facing it with a smile, keeping herself occupied by reading books, writing songs and watching shows. She has also been posting pictures of her breakfast on Facebook from time to time. As a result, fans have praised her for her “strong motherly love”.

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