Production crew of Off to School clarifies illegal filming reports

Cast member Luhan was reported to be filming illegally in Taiwan


It was reported yesterday that ex-EXO member Luhan had been caught filming for a reality show in Taiwan illegally on May 2. The singer had entered Taiwan to film for the Chinese remake of South Korean reality show Off to School at the start of the month on a tourist visa, which meant that he was working in Taiwan illegally.

Taiwanese media have also reported that the singer is now banned from entering Taiwan for at least two years, and that Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency have confirmed that as Luhan filmed in Taiwan illegally, he will have to leave Taiwan within the next 10 days, or face deportation. The 26-year-old was also said to be banned from entering Taiwan as a tourist for the next five years.

Yesterday afternoon, the production crew of Off to School took to the show’s Weibo to clarify that the reports of them filming illegally was false, and that all issues regarding the visas were the sole fault of the production crew, not Luhan.

“Regarding the visa problem, the fault does not lie on Luhan’s side alone. The visas for the entire cast were secured by the production crew. The cast’s management was only responsible for producing whatever documents the production crew needed. We’re extremely sorry, as the production crew’s error implicated the cast as well,” said the production crew.

Filming for Off to School was initially scheduled to last in Taiwan for six days and five nights, but the filming was disrupted by reports that the crew and cast were filming illegally on the second day. The crew officially announced that they have temporarily halted filming yesterday morning, amidst reports that the consequences they were facing included not being able to visit Taiwan for the next five years.

Photos: PBE Media

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