Qin Hao promises Annie Yi: Till death do us part

The Chinese actor made the romantic vow to Annie Yi after completing their latest wedding ceremony

Qin Hao promises Annie Yi: Till death do us part

Chinese actor Qin Hao and Taiwanese singer Annie Yi concluded their series of wedding ceremonies yesterday in the former’s hometown Shenyang.

The couple previously held their private matrimonial ceremony in Phuket and subsequently returned to Beijing, where they currently reside, to organise a wedding banquet for their friends and relatives.

Yesterday, Qin Hao and Annie’s parents witnessed the ceremony that abided strictly to the traditions of Shenyang. Despite undergoing an operation two days before the wedding to remove her gall stones, Annie’s mother specially flew over to congratulate her daughter, causing Annie to be deeply moved.

Qin Hao promises Annie Yi: Till death do us part

During the ceremony, Annie also shared, “I have celebrated Chinese New Year twice in Shenyang. I can feel the warmth and love from everyone and how all of you treat me like a part of your family. From this moment onwards, I am married into this family and I hope that all of you would guide me in my journey.”

In the wee hours after their wedding had ended, Qin Hao also displayed his affection towards his wife online, vowing romantically, “I belong to her and she belongs to me. From today onwards, I will love her till death do us apart.”

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