Rachel Liang is engaged

Singer holds traditional engagement ceremony with boyfriend


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Bride-to-be Rachel Liang, 29, and her boyfriend, Amos Zhang dated for two years before Amos proposed last year, on September 27. Last Saturday, the couple, who both hail from different Aboriginal tribes, held a traditional engagement ceremony in Kaohsiung.

Amos readied eight cars, an entourage of 30 and over 14 different traditional betrothal presents and travelled to Maolin district in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where Rachel, clad in a traditional Rukai tribe costume, waited. Once he arrived, Amos had to go through a number of traditional tests set by the Rukai tribe.


As the singer’s parents had passed away early, Rachel’s sister walked her down the red carpet instead. The tribespeople then came forward to give their blessings and the bride-to-be started tearing as she was touched by their sincere wishes.

The couple also took part in a number of traditional rites, from traditional dances to a sedan chair ride. Rachel also had to sit on a traditional swing woven by the local teenagers, as part of her tribe’s traditions.


The singer also revealed that while she slept well the night before the ceremony, Amos was a bundle of nerves and called her repeatedly before setting off. He was even seen pausing a few times, taking deep breaths, to calm himself down.

“Everyone is busy preparing the traditional food, and welcoming everyone. It really feels like I’m the tribe’s daughter,” said Rachel. “My uncle cried while talking to us the day before, and even jokingly warned Amos not to cheat me.”

The couple will wed in Taoyuan, Dasi town on April 9.


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