Rachel Liang marries boyfriend of two years

The singer married her boyfriend one day after turning 29


Photos: PBE Media

Rachel Liang married her boyfriend of two years, Amos Zhang, on Saturday. Amos proposed last year on September 27, and the couple had held their engagement ceremony at Kaohsiung last week.

The couple were married in Taoyuan, Dasi district at the church Amos attends, with 600 guests in attendance.

When Rachel and Amos made their entrance, the guests stood up to welcome the couple and sang along to the music, wishing the newly wedded couple marital bliss.


During their vows, Amos said, “You’re my everything. My heart, person and family, they all belong to Rachel. From today onwards, I will always hold on to your hand.”

When it was her turn to say her vows, Rachel gave a touching reply, which brought tears to everyone present: “My parents are not here with us anymore, and can’t walk me down the aisle today. However, I believe that they are proud of who I am today, not because of my career, but because I have grown up well, and married a man who loves me as much as my father.”


Rachel also had an interview with the media before the ceremony and said her husband was her “biggest birthday present”, as her birthday was on April 8, a day before the ceremony. The new bride even rated her husband as “200 points [out of 100], don’t say that I’m [being] mushy”.

Rachel divulged that while Amos’s family would like to have a granddaughter, as they only had male offspring, the couple are in no rush to have children, and that they will let nature take its course.


The singer also laughingly said that she still wishes to release a few more albums before starting a family, as she now has a lot of experiences and feelings that can be put into her songs to share with the audience.


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