Rachel Liang reveals her tragic past amidst wedding preparations

The petite singer also sheds light on the wedding rites her husband-to-be is set to go through


Photos:PBE Media, Facebook

Bride-to-be Rachel Liang has released photos from her wedding photoshoot featuring her and her fiancé Amos Zhang, 26, in two vastly different getups on Facebook through her label, Universal Records, on Tuesday.

The first picture features the happy couple in a modern wedding gown and tux, while the second shows the pair in traditional costumes from their respective tribes. Rachel, who is from the Aboriginal Rukai tribe in Taiwan, said that the costume was the same one her sister wore during her wedding.

Apart from the photos, Rachel gave readers an insight to the elaborate rites the couple has to go through before their wedding ceremony on April 9 and also took the opportunity to thank all the staff, media, entertainment companies and colleagues that have worked with her in the past eight years.


Though the singer was a picture of bliss in the photos, the 28-year-old revealed that she’s a victim of domestic violence and was often hit by her mother when she was drunk. While her mother was a virtuous and dutiful woman while sober, she would get abusive when drunk, causing their relationship to be very tense.

The singer recalled that when she graduated from kindergarten, her mother was not there to pick her up, so she had no choice but to walk home alone. Once she got home, a hand snaked out from the door and grabbed her. “I didn’t even have time to see who it was, the blows kept raining down on me. I was petrified at that moment, but once my mind cleared, I realised that it was my mother, who had gotten drunk. That was the very first time I had seen her drunk,” she said.

When she was ten, the singer’s father passed away due to an accident with a boiler furnace and from then on, she was separated from her siblings and lived with her mother. Rachel admitted that she was rebellious then, saying, “Who would want to go back and face my mother?” Rachel and her mother often played a ‘game’ in which they both tried to shut each other out of the house: one day it was Rachel, the next, her mother.

Subsequently, Rachel and her younger brother were sent to a children’s home, causing the mother-daughter pair to drift apart even more. Eventually, her mother contracted liver failure due to her heavy drinking and passed away.

While in the children’s home, Rachel joined a choir, where she honed her singing skills and channelled the loneliness and sadness of the untimely passing of her parents into her songs. She later joined a church choir, where she met her boyfriend and soon-to-be husband.


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