Rainie Yang, Eason Chan’s performance at Golden Horse Awards ceremony bashed

Singers criticised for putting up a substandard show

Rainie, Eason

Rainie Yang and Eason Chan were criticised for their lacklustre 10-minute performance during the recent 52nd Golden Horse Awards ceremony, held in Taipei on November 21.

Hong Kong singer Eason Chan was blasted for going severely off-key at the start of his number, ‘Forgotten Times.’ And when Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang joined him for a duet on ‘Because of Love,’ netizens ridiculed her for not being good enough to sing together with Eason.

Their duet was highly anticipated, but Rainie was clearly struggling with the uncomfortable vocal range and the joint performance fell flat. Among the audience, Taiwanese singer–songwriter Ta-yu Lo was seen furrowing his brow during the duet.

After the ceremony ended, Rainie posted a message on Facebook that read: “I’d been looking forward to this opportunity for a decade, and I finally got to sing together with my favourite male singer — it’s a dream come true!”

“It didn’t matter how much pressure I was under since finding out I would perform here, but in these 10 minutes, I’m thankful and I learned a lot! I tried my best, and thanks to everyone for the hard work.”

Eason responded on Facebook too, and besides thanking the Golden Horse Awards organisers for the opportunity to perform a duet, he added, “Thank you, Rainie, you were great.”

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