Rainie Yang insists she is unmarried

“Wedding rumours have made me faint,” singer posts on Weibo

Rainie Yang, Li Ronghao

Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang has expressed her frustration and helplessness in denying the latest wedding rumours involving her and her boyfriend, Chinese Mandopop singer Li Ronghao. 

On Wednesday Rainie posted on Weibo: “What? How did I not know I was married? It’s the Lunar Seventh Month, could it be news from the underworld …. I’m scared!”

“But the point is: I’m not married yet, though when I read the news reports I fainted. Still, thank you all for your concern.” The singer had made a pun on the Chinese characters for “marriage” and “fainting,” which are homonyms.

The most recent spate of wedding rumours came about when Rainie’s former boyfriend, Taiwanese pop star Wang Zi, posted to her on Facebook: “Everyone’s telling me you got married! Be happy!”

But on Wednesday, Wang Zi clarified his Facebook post arose from a misunderstanding and was intended for a friend not in the entertainment and music industry.

Rainie has been dating Ronghao since November 2014, and it is known that Ronghao wishes to be married and settle down.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the couple had registered their marriage in China in July. Ronghao’s manager has denied the wedding rumours, while Rainie’s said the singer would make it public if she does get hitched

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