Rainie Yang’s beau wants to marry at 35

Li Ronghao open to performing with girlfriend at his concerts


Chinese singer Li Ronghao, 30, said he plans to marry when he’s 35 or 36, which would mean at least a five-year wait for his girlfriend, Taiwanese actress and singer Rainie Yang, 31.

At an event to promote his latest and third album, Idealistic, on Tuesday, Ronghao’s record label revealed that he has 20 concerts lined up for the year and new shows will be added regularly, adding that the singer plans to perform at the Taipei Arena next year.

Asked whether he would invite Rainie to perform with him on his concert tour, he said, “We’ll see, we both have work to do,” though he didn’t rule it out.

Rainie shared the music video of ‘Wild Animals,’ one of the tracks on Idealistic, on her Facebook page early this month. Ronghao said shyly, “I’m grateful to her.”

In response to rumours that he and Rainie were living together and had married in secret, Ronghao reiterated that neither was true. The singer said he didn’t have plans to visit Rainie’s family or send them gifts over Chinese New Year, adding, “During that period I’ll be busy working, so I didn’t think about that at all.”

The pair met in November 2014 and their relationship seemed to be confirmed last February.

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