Raymond Lam sprains left ankle on set

Raymond Lam met with an accident while he was on a shoot in Hengdian, China

Raymond Lam sprains left ankle on set

Hong Kong actor-singer Raymond Lam accidentally injured his ankle on the set of the television series Six Doors and his actress girlfriend Karena Ng, who was also in China on a shoot, rushed to Hengdian via plane to make sure he was fine.

According to China reports, Raymond was required to shoot a fight scene for his detective role in the series, but twisted his left ankle when he slipped and fell on some gravel near the set before they even began shooting the scene.

He did not sustain any serious injuries from the fall and returned to the hotel to rest.  However, when he woke up the next day, Raymond experienced even more pain, but the persistent actor wanted to continue filming his scenes.

Raymond only went to the hospital after finishing his shoot and discovered during the check-up that he had a small crack in his left ankle bone. The doctor even told him that his injury would take six weeks to recover.

Raymond Lam sprains left ankle on set

The 35-year-old actor was embarrassed for getting injured even before filming the fight scene which explained why he persisted till the end, trying his best to shoot as many martial arts scenes as he could. “Although there was a substitute, we could not modify that fight scene so I still had to film certain shots,” he added.

He also expressed his gratefulness to the crew who assigned a few men to support him because they feared that his wound would get worse.

A large group of fans also crashed the set when they heard of their idol’s injury to show their support, breaking the rule that visitors are not allowed on set.

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