Reporters barred from asking Nicholas Tse about Faye Wong

The media was unable to question Nicholas Tse about Faye Wong on the set of his new film

Reporters barred from asking Nicholas Tse about Faye Wong

Hong Kong multi-hyphenate Nicholas Tse was in good mood when he arrived on set to film a movie scene in Shanghai. But before Nicholas met the media, the staff instructed reporters from asking any questions about—specifically – Hong Kong singing diva Faye Wong’s pregnancy and apologised in advance for Nicholas’ supposed “bad mood”.

It is reported that the 34-year-old actor was working on a film that tells the story of a brave detective (played by Nicholas himself) and an evil professor of criminal psychology played by Hong Kong actor Sean Lau. Chinese actress Tong Liya also co-stars in the film.

Nicholas spoke about his movie role before the media could pose him any questions, depriving reporters of the chance to ask him about the resurfaced Faye Wong pregnancy rumours. He added, “Between business and filming, I still prefer filming.”

Nicholas also revealed that despite his packed schedule, he will not give up on any projects and shared that the film’s theme song was written by him.

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