Rosamund Kwan cancelled wedding prep before divorce, friend says

Actress had been planning her own nuptials to billionaire Pierre Chen

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Hong Kong entrepreneur Helen Ma, a close friend of veteran actress Rosamund Kwan, 53, has come forth with more details of the screen legend’s divorce from Taiwanese billionaire art collector Pierre Chen, 59.

While many speculated Rosamund ended her marriage because her ex-husband wouldn’t hold a wedding for her, Helen said the actress had been planning the wedding for a long time but threw in the towel because Pierre refused to publicly acknowledge her as his wife.

In defence of Rosamund, Helen said, “If you love someone, you must protect her, instead of protecting the previous one,” hinting that Pierre wouldn’t go public with Rosamund due to his ex-wife.

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Hong Kong actress Carina Lau got involved in the divorce announcement when Rosamund accused her of being insensitive after Carina and Pierre were seen hiking in Hong Kong together.

Mrs Tony Leung, 49, responded to this last night while attending a wedding, saying, “I went hiking with someone else today,” and added that she didn’t consider herself good friends with Rosamund, because she was unaware whether the latter was married or divorced.

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