Roy Cheung returns to work after detention

The Hong Kong actor is reportedly working in a restaurant in Taiwan

张耀扬低调赴台复出 率9猛男吃喝吐闷气
张耀扬低调赴台复出 率9猛男吃喝吐闷气

After his 20-day detention in China this July for engaging in drugs and prostitution, Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung has been maintaining a low profile. Lately, the Prison on Fire actor is said to be working at a restaurant in Taiwan called DOZO.

His acting career took a plunge especially after China announced a ban for all films involving celebrities who have engaged in misdeeds such as drug use and prostitution, similar to that of Taiwanese actor Kai Ko who was detained for drug use in August.

To confirm speculations, journalists posed as customers at DOZO and asked a female staff if Roy was working there. Although she did not respond directly, she revealed the actor had previously spent NT$17,000 (approximately S$720) at DOZO with nine other male friends at a gathering.

In addition, rumour has it that Roy has switched jobs to be a public relations officer of a casino where attracting patrons make up his commission.

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