Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo reported to have talked about getting married

The couple first met while working together on a drama in 2006


Taiwanese actors Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo announced their relationship on ‘Confession Day’ on May 20 last week, to the delight of their fans, who showed their overwhelming support for their relationship on the couple’s respective Weibo accounts.

On Sunday, Ruby, who will begin shooting a new film in June, expressed her wish for the public to focus their attention on the new couple’s upcoming works instead of their relationship.

However, the media frenzy did not die down, with a ‘trusted source’ revealing that the couple had talked about getting married to each other. Right now, however, their schedules are so packed that they’ll have to work till the second half of 2017 to clear their existing work commitments. Thus, the earliest the lovebirds will be able to get married would be at the end of next year.

As a result of the ensuing chatter about the couple’s rumoured wedding plans, Ruby’s picture of her enjoying the view in Hawaii, America had comments wondering if the actress planned to “honeymoon there with Wallace”, or hold her wedding there.


Ruby’s manager also spoke to the media on Sunday and said, “[We’re] very happy to have received the blessings of so many people, however, we hope that everyone can focus on [the couple’s] individual works, and [refrain from] bombarding [us with the rumours], or the public might not be happy.”

It was also said that as Ruby and Wallace are known to be more private regarding their lives, the chances of them holding a lavish wedding are low.

Ruby and Wallace first worked together on the 2006 drama, Sound of Colours, and have remained fast friends since, with Ruby casting Wallace as the male lead for the 2011 drama, The Glamorous Imperial Concubine, which she both produced and starred in. Ruby was also rumoured to be in a relationship with Taiwanese actor-singer Jerry Yan earlier this year, which she denied.

Photos: PBE Media

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