Ruco Chan and Linda Chung have fallen out with each other

The rumoured pair has allegedly turned “from friends to colleagues”  

Ruco Chan and Linda Chung have fallen out with each other

Following earlier reports which claimed that TVB actress Linda Chung ended her eight-year relationship with actor Philip Ng to date Brother’s Keeper co-star Ruco Chan, it is believed that Linda and Ruco have fallen out with each other.

According to Hong Kong media, sparks flew between Linda and Ruco after working together on two consecutive dramas Brother’s Keeper and All That Is Bitter Is Sweet in 2013.

Although Linda started dating Ruco in secret, the actress was still emotionally attached to Philip which incurred the wrath of Ruco. To get even, Ruco allegedly cheated on Linda with actress Katy Kung and former beauty queen Teresa Lou.

Sources even claimed that the actor recently got close to a young and wealthy Chinese lady, and that he would travel to Shanghai to meet her whenever he is free. After news of his affairs broke, Linda broke up with Ruco in anger.

When asked on her relationship with Ruco, Linda apparently “downgraded” his status from friend to colleague while insisting that they do not contact each other or meet up after work. On the other hand, Ruco reportedly uses a similar hostile tone whenever Linda’s name is brought up by reporters.

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