Ruco Chan is a not a third party in Linda Chung’s current relationship

The Canadian Chinese actress says her relationship with her eight-year boyfriend Philip Ng is still going strong

Ruco Chan is a not a third party in Linda Chung’s current relationship

Hong Kong TVB actress Linda Chung denied new rumours that she has ended her eight-year relationship with martial arts actor Philip Ng to date her co-star Ruco Chan, after photos of her and Ruco behaving intimately while shopping for groceries in New Zealand were posted online.

Despite the public being aware of Linda’s long-standing romance with Philip, she and Ruco have been constantly embroiled in many dating rumours since they collaborated with each other for the first time in TVB’s drama Brother’s Keeper in 2013. The two were said to have developed feelings for each other while they played an onscreen couple.

Though the Canadian Chinese actress has never publicly admitted that Philip is her boyfriend,, she swiftly denied her rumours with Ruco and specially turned up at Philip’s birthday party to clarify her relationship status.

Yet, a few sources recently claimed that Linda and Philip have secretly broken up in February this year and Ruco had reportedly made advances to win her heart.

Shortly after the news broke out, Ruco posted a photo of a couple holding hands on Instagram with an ambiguous message: “You will feel a sense of belonging when you have a strong desire to be with someone. When the other person has a strong desire to be with you, you will feel a sense of security. When the both of you get together because you have strongly desire to be with each other, you will experience a sense of joy.”

Netizens interpreted Ruco’s ‘timely’ post to hint of his supposed relationship with Linda, further fuelling the rumours.

Ruco Chan is a not a third party in Linda Chung’s current relationship

With new photos of the close interaction between the co-stars, speculations resurfaced yet again.

However, Linda clarified through an interview that the two are just friends. “That day, many Canadian crew members and our managers also accompanied us to grocery shopping. It wasn’t only the two of us.”

When asked if there is a possibility to develop a relationship with Ruco, Linda ignored the question and snapped, “I have said all I wanted to say and I won’t comment further. This has nothing to do with me.”

Yet, the actress spoke enthusiastically when reporters reminded her that Philip would be taking on a new TVB drama soon. Linda claimed that she would “share” her tips on acting with him and would not be embarrassed should they bump into each other at the workplace.

“Our relationship is ok. (Collaboration?) That would be really great as we already know each other so well,” she shared frankly.

Ruco, on the other hand, replied reporters with a short text message that he does not wish to comment on the issue.

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