S.H.E’s Ella falls ill due to heavy workload

The singer-actress’s husband took to Weibo to show his concern


After debuting in 2001, Mandopop trio S.H.E has been a familiar face in the entertainment industry, with the members branching out into acting and hosting, on top of their singing careers. This year has been especially busy for Ella in particular, given her sudden surge in popularity in China of late.

However, the increased workload proved to be too much for the 34-year-old, who had fallen ill recently. On Saturday, Ella’s husband, businessman Alvin Lai, uploaded a series of pictures, which showed a solemn Ella receiving an injection at what appeared to be a hospital, and subsequently resting her head on Alvin’s thigh.

“[I] really can’t take it. The giant has fallen! [You’re] busy with work, but take good care of your body! Don’t stay up late, don’t eat fried food, rest more! Please be good,” he wrote in his caption, revealing his wish for Ella to recover soon. Fans also started leaving comments on his post, urging Ella to rest well.

S.H.E’s management company later released a statement, explaining that the singer-actress had been feeling under the weather for a couple of days already. However, as she didn’t want to be a no-show at the Spring Wave – Music and Art Festival held on Thursday (June 9), Ella powered through the performance, and finally went to the doctors on Saturday, where it was found that her throat and nasal airways were inflamed.

Photos: PBE Media

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