S.H.E’s Selina hopes to beat Ella to motherhood

Selina Jen said that she is happier with her life now and is hoping to try for a baby this year

S.H.E’s Selina hopes to beat Ella to motherhood

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Currently on an album promotion tour to plug her new solo album 3.1415, Taiwanese actress-singer Selina Jen was at an autograph session in Guangzhou yesterday afternoon to share about it.

When asked about why her album was given such a name, the 33-year-old joked that she named the album “pi” because she has gained weight and became “round like pie”.

Jokes aside, Selina let on: “Everyone still thinks of the old me, but I feel that people should get to know the new me too... The album’s concept is to let everyone see who I am today and how I’ve improved.”

She added that she has become less demanding and although her body appearance isn’t like it used to be (before she suffered third degree burns on over 54 per cent of her body from an accident on a shoot in 2010), she’s even happier with her life now. Selina said with a smile, “I know that when my fans see me again, they will be very pleased.”

S.H.E’s Selina hopes to beat Ella to motherhood

Regarding her plans for the latter half of the year, Selina bluntly revealed her biggest wish: “I hope to be able to be successfully pregnant this year. If you look at the plans that my management has laid out for me, there’s one very important line in there – prepare for pregnancy!”

Selina continued about how she wants to have a baby before her fellow S.H.E member does: “Ella also has plans, but for her, it will most likely be next year. After all, she’s going to be very busy for this whole year.”

With reality shows gaining traction on TV these days, Selina was asked if she and her husband, Richard Chang, will ever participate in such programmes and she replied frankly, “Definitely not, my husband is camera-shy! On the contrary, my sister (Kimi Jen) has always thought it would be fun to work with me. It could be possible [to participate in such shows] with my dad (Jen Ming-ting) too.”

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