S.H.E.’s Selina Jen divorces husband

Singer and spouse ‘legally reset’ their lives


Taiwanese singer Selina Jen, 34, one-third of the pop group S.H.E., has officially divorced her husband since 2011, lawyer Richard Chang.

According to Taiwanese media, the former couple signed their divorce papers on Wednesday. Richard posted a long message on Facebook yesterday giving details of the split.

“(The day we got divorced) we chatted happily and ate a meal,” he wrote. “Then we completed our legal ‘reset.’”

Rumours abound about the real reason for their breakup, but Richard explained that he “hadn’t put in effort to maintain the marriage.” “I was unable to become someone who was part of her life, and she couldn’t do the same for me,” he went on. “We could not form a true family and build an environment that belonged to us, and it felt like it wouldn’t happen in future either.”


Richard added he had respected Selina’s wishes in handling the divorce, and though he was made out to be the guilty party at times, “I bore it in silence and let the world speculate and condemn as it liked.” But he emphasised that the rumours circulating about the divorce were all false and said he and Selina remain on good terms.

HIM International Music, which manages Selina, released a simple statement, saying, “Yes, the divorce has been finalised, thank you all for your concern.”

Selina announced on Facebook in March that she and Richard had decided to end their marriage.

Photos: PBE Media

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