S.H.E.’s Selina Jen: I felt the stress and emotions leave my body

Singer posts first long update since divorce announcement


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Taiwanese singer Selina Jen, 34, updated her Weibo page on Monday night with her first long post since she announced on March 4 she was divorcing her husband of five years, lawyer Richard Chang.

The singer described how she headed out for a jog feeling burdened and tired, but she had to encourage herself to keep going, and as she ran up a bridge she let out a long sigh.

“In that moment, I felt the stress and emotions leave my body all at once, like a volume of air stuck in my abdomen that gets let out as a huge burp, and then the world appeared brighter,” she wrote.

Towards the end of her jog, Selina found her rhythm and she started snapping photos of sights along her route.

“On the way home, I was filled with gratitude. On this journey, my family, Hebe, Ella, friends, Richard never let me face anything alone no matter how the scenery changed,” she went on.

Selina concluded her post with a message of self-motivation. “I’m a fortunate person, I’ve got my armour on and I will keep running!” she wrote.


Not long after that, Richard shared on his Facebook page a news article with the headline, “The last act of respect in marriage: Richard leaves the right to speak to Selina,” which appeared to be a hint that he would not comment on their split.

Ella reposted Selina’s Weibo post to support her S.H.E. bandmate, and she added a comment of her own: “In life we have to move forward and head where you want to go, and we’ll all keep you company! We’re grateful to everyone who has entered our lives — your appearance has made our lives complete.”

The real reason for Selina’s divorce from Richard hasn’t been made known, though her record label denied it was because of infidelity or infertility.

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