S.H.E.’s Selina Jen plays badminton with friends

Singer appears in good spirits


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen, 34, was spotted playing badminton with friends at the Taipei Gymnasium last evening, more than a week after she unexpectedly announced her divorce from lawyer Richard Chang.

The S.H.E. member showed up at the sports venue near the Taipei Arena and began doing warmup exercises. She then started a game of badminton with her friends and beamed from start to finish.

After 10 minutes, Selina sat down for a break but cheered on her friends.

Selina and Richard had reportedly booked a sports hall at a school in Taipei’s Neihu district to play badminton with their friends early this month, but that same week they announced their split and neither showed up for the booking.


The couple married in 2011, a year after Selina suffered third-degree burns in an accident while filming. Neither has given any specific reason for the divorce; Selina would only say she had neglected her marriage in favour of her career.

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