S.H.E. Selina Jen hiding pain of divorce

Couple’s split was due to personality differences: source


Photos: PBE Media

A source close to both Taiwanese singer Selina Jen, 34, and her now-ex-husband, lawyer Richard Chang, said the couple split due to personality differences.

According to Taiwanese media, Selina and Richard tried to work through their differences over their four-year marriage but ended up extremely unhappy; they felt that unilaterally accommodating the other turned out to be a form of pressure.

The source added that Selina was in agony before she decided to end her marriage, and after she announced it she tried to keep herself calm even though she was feeling down. Her recent Facebook post on going out for a jog was merely her way of telling friends and fans not to worry about her.

Selina announced her divorce unexpectedly on March 4 on Facebook.

Regarding the criticism that Selina had confirmed her split from Richard before they signed the papers, the source said the former spouses chose to be proactive because they didn’t want to have to issue clarifications when their divorce proceedings were exposed.


Actress and model Lorene Jen, 27, spoke about her sister’s shocking divorce while attending a media event on Wednesday. “For every major decision she’s made in her life, I’ve been by her side,” she said.

Lorene added that Selina has always been strong, and that their family would be Selina’s strongest support.

The actress said the Ren family still considered Richard one of their own and they maintain contact, even going visiting together over Chinese New Year. But she wouldn’t comment on when exactly the divorce actually happened or whether Richard’s infidelity rumours led to the split.

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