Sammi Cheng to gain weight for Andy Hui

Singer says husband prefers her to have a fuller figure


Hong Kong singer–actress Sammi Cheng, 43, said she plans to work on putting on some weight because her husband, Hong Kong singer Andy Hui, 48, prefers that she gains a fuller figure.

Speaking yesterday at the flagship store opening of a brand she represents, Sammi said she hopes to gain some curves.

“When I wear fitted skirts, I wish I had a fuller bottom,” she said. “One’s figure is determined by nature, I’m smaller on top, I have to accept what nature has given me and then train to improve on that.”

“Women shouldn’t be too concerned by their vital stats,” she continued. “I want to put on a few pounds, but it’s not easy for me, so I’ll try my best and eat more healthful foods.”

Asked whether Andy would put on weight with her, Sammi said, “He prefers that I gain a bit of weight and recently he spoke up about it. Men don’t see women the way women see themselves, a fuller figure appears healthier and he’s trying to persuade me.”

But the singer wouldn’t elaborate on whether Andy is doing this because he prefers to hug her when she’s a bit more plump. “Don’t say it like that, it’s purely from a health perspective from a man’s point of view, and I think it makes sense,” Sammi said.

Sammi and Andy married in December 2013 after a 22-year on-off romance.

Photos: PBE Media

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