Sandy Lam and Jun Kung will not get married

The couple is said to have reached a consensus about marriage

Sandy Lam and Jun Kung will not get married

After releasing his new album Past, Future, Present Tense recently, Hong Kong musician Jun Kung shared about his relationship with singer Sandy Lam in a radio interview.

Despite an 11-year age gap between Jun and Sandy, their May-December romance is still going strong after two years. The couple often smile for cameras when spotted on their dates, and they have openly displayed their affections for each other during concerts.

In the “special thanks to” section in his album, Jun expressed his gratitude to “Slam” (Sandy’s nickname) for standing by him through thick and thin. The 37-year-old also said that he has never hidden his love for Sandy in public, ending the note with “I Love You”.

Even though Jun was rumoured to have proposed to Sandy on numerous occasions, the singer insisted that the couple will not tie the knot. “I come from a broken family and my parents are long divorced. Sandy and I have reached a consensus on not getting married,” he said.

At the same time, Jun has no plans to have children because “there are too many changes and concealed problems to worry about in this era”. “I really don’t want to implicate the next generation,” added the singer.

Sandy Lam and Jun Kung will not get married

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