Selina Jen bursts into tears after completing half-marathon

Singer overcome with fatigue and emotion after 21-km race in San Francisco

Selina Jen 1

Since completing the “WE RUN TPE” half-marathon in April, Selina Jen of Taiwanese pop trio S.H.E. has repeated the feat in San Francisco over the weekend, finishing with a timing 10 minutes slower.

The singer, who has spent the past five years recovering from horrific third-degree burns sustained during filming, broke down after crossing the finish line.

In a 53-second video clip uploaded to Facebook, a teary-eyed Selina said she had taken a rest and eaten some food, then started wailing uncontrollably. “I’ve relaxed now, but I still really want to cry!” she said to the camera.

Selina Jen 2

“There are so many things I wish to tell you all, but I’m just too tired right now,” she wrote on Facebook. “As you can see, emotional triggers come to me as unexpectedly as my period.”

The singer’s mother posted a message of support: “So touched — Selina, my dear, love you!”

Selina Jen completes her first 21km marathon 
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