Selina Jen chanced upon a “Marriage Rock” during one of her runs

The singer didn’t dare to pray to the rock, however, fearing that it’ll really work


After her divorce from her lawyer husband, Richard Chang, was finalised, Taiwanese singer and one-third of Mandopop trio S.H.E Selina Jen has been putting on a brave and happy front in public.

Recently, the 34-year-old travelled to Hong Kong to make an appearance at a sportswear event there. An avid lover of running, the singer decided to go for a jog at the well-known running trail in Bowen Road. Whilst jogging, however, Selina came across a famous “Marriage Rock”, and decided to pose for pictures with it.

However, the singer said she didn’t dare pray to it, as she is not actively looking for a relationship, adding that “If I prayed to it, and I really got married, wouldn’t I have to come back to give thanks to the rock?”.


Since announcing her split with her husband in March, Selina has been keeping herself busy with work. The singer was once asked if she was used to life after getting divorced, but had answered that she has always prioritised her work, regardless of whether she was married or single. As a result, she does not feel that her life is any lonelier even when divorced.

Additionally, the singer had divulged that originally, she did not like exercising. However, in the past two years, she settled on running as a form of exercise, as “running can let me sweat more, and cry less.”

Selina announced on Facebook in March that she was splitting from Richard after five years of marriage.

Photos: PBE Media

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