Selina Jen completes her first 21km marathon

The Taiwanese singer races to the finish line despite suffering from the after effects of her third degree burns from an accident at a film site in 2010

Selina Jen completes her first 21km marathon

An inspiration to many, Taiwanese singer and member of trio S.H.E Selina Jen went against all odds to complete her first marathon recently.

The 33-year-old, who suffered second to third degree burns on over 54 percent of her body from an accident at a film site in 2010, decided earlier this year that she would to challenge herself to the “WE RUN TPE” 21-kilometre marathon.

At 5:30 am on Sunday, Selina began the race alone and reached the finishing line in two hours and 34 minutes. Her husband, Richard Chang, had patiently waited for her and supported her amongst the crowd.

When she had completed the race, Selina immediately fell into her husband Richard Chang’s arms before some race volunteers helped her to a room to rest.

Selina Jen completes her first 21km marathon

Selina shared that during the last two kilometres of the race, her body was burning and she needed to “pour water over her head repeatedly” as she could “faint anytime”.

As her newly regenerated skin after the incident is still weak, she revealed that her shoulder, thighs, and ankles were hurting badly. “Every step I took, I felt like there was a really sharp rock that was piercing me.”

She added that she had a strong urge to hug Richard the moment she saw him, but “Richard did not seem willing to hug her as there were many media taking photographs.”

Selina Jen completes her first 21km marathon

Still, Richard succumbed to Selina’s whining and gave her a piggy-back ride from the rest area to their car. As she made her way out of the venue, the singer also expressed with a smile on her face, “See, my husband is giving me a piggy-back ride!”

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