Selina Jen, Richard Chang rumoured to have officially divorced

The ex-couple reportedly signed the divorce papers yesterday


A reliable source has revealed that S.H.E member Selina Jen and Richard Chang have signed their divorce papers yesterday, bringing an end to their nine year relationship.

Selina had announced on Facebook last month that they have decided to split, to the surprise of many. The couple dated for four years prior to getting married in 2011 and often showed their love for each other openly. The reason for their eventual split was the topic of much debate, with the duo citing “personality differences” as the cause of their divorce.

It was also reported that as the couple do not have any children, their split was civil, with no discussion regarding alimony. Richard was also said to have moved the rest of his belongings out of the couple’s shared home a few days ago.

After the announcement of their divorce, Richard has turned to basketball to keep his mind off things while Selina relies on the company of her friends and family.

Selina, who has chosen to keep a low profile, is always seen with a smile on her face in public. However, she is rumoured to have confided in her friends that she still needs time to get over the divorce, and that the divorce was hard to accept for her at the moment.

Photos: PBE Media

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