Selina Jen’s family makes cameo appearance in her new MV

The S.H.E member is currently preparing for her first solo album

Selina Jen’s family makes cameo appearance in her new MV
Parents of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E member Selina Jen joined her in the music video of her Hokkien duet with Ricky Hsiao recently. Selina, known for her sweet voice, is set to release her first solo album titled ‘3.1415’ later this year.

Her company has specially invited Ricky Hsiao, the blind singer-songwriter loved by many for his powerful Hokkien renditions, to compose and produce Selina’s first Hokkien song.

At the filming set of their music video, both of them acted as a couple and danced together. Selina’s parents also did a cameo by playing as the mythical Chinese Gods of Marriage to give them their blessings.

Selina Jen’s family makes cameo appearance in her new MV
Though Selina and Ricky appeared sweet and loving on set, Ricky revealed that Selina’s husband was also at the film set to ‘look out for their interactions’. Ricky said that he jokingly asked for permission from Selina’s husband to ‘loan Selina for a day to be a couple on screen’ and the other party happily agreed.

Selina’s husband also reminded Ricky to practise this song for his wedding anniversary in the future, showing his gentlemanly and poised character.

When asked about her feelings of recording a new Hokkien song for her upcoming album, Selina admitted that she felt very stressful. “As I have been regularly singing Hokkien songs, I thought it wouldn’t be a difficult task, but I realised I was wrong at my first recording session.”

However, Selina is grateful for Ricky’s help during the recording process. “He is really good with his singing so no matter how he sings, it just sounds pleasant to me,” the 33-year-old said.

On collaborating with Ricky, whom she regards as her idol, Selina also said, “Whenever I hear his voice, I would always feel like I’m in a relationship with him.”

Ricky Hsiao and Selina Jen

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