Selina Jen’s husband seen on a late night hangout with a girl

The 42-year-old refutes rumours of an extra-marital affair and claims that he is ‘not a saint’

Selina Jen’s husband seen on a late night hangout with a girl

“(I’m) not a saint,” wrote Richard Chang, husband of Taiwanese pop singing trio S.H.E’s member Selina Jen, on his Facebook, after he was seen hanging out with a young woman late at night earlier this month.

According to Taiwanese media reports, the 42-year-old had met with a young woman in thick makeup and another male friend in the wee hours of Mar 3 before they took off in a taxi to a KTV lounge.

Richard, who dressed casually in sportswear and wore a baseball hat, alighted at their destination first and was planning to cross the road to where a pub was located. However, he quickly became wary of being seen by the public and signalled his friends to move to the side of the road.

Selina Jen’s husband seen on a late night hangout with a girl

The trio reportedly ended their night after a short chat as the young woman took her leave and Richard proceeded to purchase a drink at a convenience store. He was said to have constantly checked his surroundings when he was leaving the place.

However, after photos of them were leaked online, Richard swiftly clarified via his Facebook that it was simply a meet-up with his friends.

He wrote candidly, “I am not a saint. I have many flaws. Like everyone, I also have my friends and bosses, I also need to socialise with others, and I may get tipsy or I may need to take care of my friends who are drunk.”

While he did not comment as to whether he has informed Selina of his late night outing, he stated that the young woman is a friend of his friend and they have had a few drinks earlier that night. Though she wished to continue drinking, Richard declined but volunteered to give his friends a lift.

Selina also showed her support for her husband through her response: “My husband would inform me of his schedule.”

On the other hand, Selina’s father, who is currently overseas, did not explicitly speak on the incident. Instead, he gave his usual reply:  “Thank you for your concern. May you be blessed with peace.”

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