Selina Jen shares a picture of her karaoke session with her family

The singer also interacted with fans online and thanked them.


Photos: PBE Media

Although S.H.E member Selina Jen is going through a very public divorce with husband Richard Chang, 43, she has been trying to remain positive and seems to be in good spirits, thanks to the support of her family. The singer uploaded a picture of her karaoke session with her mother and younger sister, actress Lorene Ren, in the wee hours of the night on March 19. The picture was captioned “Forever OK with karaoke”, a play on the Mandarin spelling of karaoke.

The couple had decided to divorce as their differences in character and values had caused them to drift apart. However, Selina, who is often viewed as delicate and gentle, has faced the ensuing media frenzy following her announcement of the divorce with surprising strength, with the support of her family and close friends.


Selina, who appeared to be at home due to her attire in the picture, commented on her post on Facebook, expressing her wish to interact with her fans right then, and also updated them on her life as she sang karaoke with her family.

The 34-year-old even jokingly chided fans, saying, “What are you guys doing, not sleeping on a Saturday night!”

Selina ended the session with her last comment, posting, “The dark night has made me sentimental. Even if I don’t say this, you guys should know it as well. Thank you, everyone.”

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