Selina participates in a marathon with her sister

The singer-actress used to run in the same marathon with her ex-husband


Photos: PBE Media

Selina ran a 10km marathon with her younger sister, actress Loren Ren, on Sunday. The S.H.E member, who is in the midst of a divorce from her husband, Richard Chang, used to participate in the marathon with Richard.

At the event, Selina divulged that as this is the first time Loren is participating in the marathon and she was worried that it would be hard for her younger sister. In the end, however, Loren ran faster than Selina.

The singer-actress praised her sister for her long legs, saying that she looked like a goddess while running, while Selina herself had short legs, and thus did not look glamorous in the pictures that were taken.


As it has been 37 days since the announcement of the couple’s divorce, Selina was asked if they had signed the divorce agreement, Selina however, did not answer and would only say, “Thank you for your concern, [I’ll] notify everyone once there’s news.”

Selina’s ex-husband, Richard was also spotted the day before the run watching a SBL basketball match. The lawyer was photographed exiting the stadium with a dejected face, as the team he was rooting for had lost the match.


When asked about the divorce, Richard, who was clad in black and orange athletic wear, gave an awkward expression and answered, “[I’m] not going to say anything else, or you’ll write an essay [about this matter].”

The 43-year-old also asserted that his stand on their divorce is the same as what was posted on Facebook, and that Selina will answer the questions regarding the couple’s divorce. He also confirmed that the two still keep in contact with each other, and are good friends.

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