Seungri’s mystery date at Taipei club revealed

BIGBANG maknae’s buxom babe: ‘I hope the media won’t ruin our relationship’


The woman at the centre of the uproar surrounding BIGBANG member Seungri’s late-night partying has been revealed to be a Chinese student and Internet personality based in South Korea who goes by the name Xiao Yu.

Yesterday, she posted a message on Weibo to clear the air, saying, “I really wish these news reports won’t cause us to avoid being seen in public together.

“I hope the media won’t ruin our relationship. We discussed how we should explain this and although he told me to ignore the talk and that he’s fine, I don’t want our personal lives to be affected. If I appear at [BIGBANG] concerts in the future, that will definitely be news.”

Xiao Yu deleted the post not long after she published it, and replaced it with a new one that said she’s not a celebrity so she’s not interested in gaining publicity, and that she and Seungri are just friends.

YG Entertainment also released a statement yesterday: "We are aware that [Seungri] spent time with his friends after BIGBANG’s concert. The atmosphere was not serious... He did not ride in a car with the female in question."

Xiao Yu also thanked BIGBANG fans via Weibo for speaking up for her. “I expected you would bully me, but to think you supported me instead, thank you all so much,” she wrote.

Seungri, BIGBANG’s youngest member, made headlines for emerging from a Taipei nightclub with a woman after partying until 3 am.

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