Shawn Yue talks about his past relationships with celebrities

The 33-year-old Hong Kong actor got emotional and teared while speaking of his life as an actor

Shawn Yue talks about his past relationships with celebrities

Hong Kong actor and singer Shawn Yue showed his softer side on screen when he teared up during a recent interview on the second season of Hong Kong TVB’s popular talk show Telling Maria.

Not only did the 33-year-old reiterate his hardships as an actor, he also revealed details of his turbulent childhood and his romances, which not many knew of prior to the show.

Shawn shared that he is a highly family-oriented man and deeply values kinship as he grew up in a big family of seven children. However, the 33-year-old became rebellious and had an estranged relationship with his family as he was made to stay apart from them while his parents were occupied with work.

It was only when he took his first step into the entertainment industry that he began to understand the difficulties his parents had faced to support the family.

When asked to choose the toughest film he had acted in, the former Hong Kong Film Award nominee picked As the Light Goes Out without a second thought, as he had to bear the heavy and bulk gear of a fireman while stimulating difficult fire-fighting scenes in the film. The film was also memorable as he suffered burns to his arms, back and waist.

When his past relationships were placed under the spotlight, the actor spoke freely about his first love, TVB actress Natalie Tong.

Shawn Yue talks about his past relationships with celebrities

Reiterating how he had received criticisms for ending his short-lived romance with Hong Kong singer-songwriter Candy Lo, Shawn admitted he was then on the verge of backing out from the industry.

He also took the initiative to explain the reasons for breaking up with two other celebrities, Emme Wong and Kary Ng. When he spoke of how one of them has changed his perspective and views on life, he unexpectedly shed some tears as he was too overwhelmed with his feelings. 

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