Shino Lin cheated by Chinese concert organisers

The Taiwanese singer expresses her anger online after falling victim to irresponsible concert organisers in China and upsetting her fans

Shino Lin cheated by Chinese concert organisers

Taiwanese rock singer Shino Lin recently took to Weibo to lament about repeated cancellations of her concerts in China, seemingly being swindled by her concert organiser.

The 41-year-old had shifted the focus of her singing career to the Chinese market as her reputation plummeted after being involved in a hit-and-run accident in 2007. Shino resurrected her career when she struck a deal with Chinese music company Dachuan Music, who invited her to go on a 40-day concert tour in China that was slated to begin on Mar 7.

However, Shino and her crew were dismayed to learn that their tour had ended prematurely and they only put up 11 performances in contrast to 21 shows the organiser had promised.

Furthermore, Shino believed that she may have met a swindler as she was reportedly forced to cancel her performance due to the tardiness of the organiser. Last month, the singer was said to have missed her train to Xi An after she completed her performance in Chongqing as the concert staff insisted on taking a detour to pick up some personal belongings.

Shino put the blame on herself and said with regret, “What I missed wasn’t a train, but I missed a group of fans who love me.”

Chen Xiao Te, a member of the music band that accompanied Shino on her tour, also wrote furiously on Weibo, “I don’t know what we are waiting for, which live house we would be performing at and where we are going to stay. We are always only informed a day before we are set off to our next destination.”

He further explained, “We are going to take the train soon (we have rode on one for more than 10 hours earlier), our concert got axed (what? But we are already here) This caused us to suffer from anxiety and insomnia every day and some of us even vomited blood and collapsed in the bathroom. (sic)”

“And worst of all, we have to take on the blame and accusations (for the cancellation of the concerts),” he wrote with despair.

Shino responded to his post by furiously criticising the concert organiser on Weibo and publicly demanding an explanation from them. “I really don’t know how I can express my anger, my guilt and my confusion. Once we complete the two shows in Shanghai, all of this would come to an end,” she wrote.

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