Show Luo a cat co-parent with rumoured girlfriend?

Singer shows off grey Scottish fold on social media


Since February 8, Taiwanese singer Show Luo, 36, has been posting photos and video clips on Facebook of a grey Scottish Fold he called Money, which has led his fans to wonder whether he’s now a cat co-parent with his rumoured girlfriend, Chinese blogger Grace Chow, or he’s gotten a similar pet.

Grace first posted photos of a Scottish Fold on Weibo on February 7. “Taking Dou Dou to granny’s for Chinese New Year,” the blogger wrote. “I’m carrying it instead of putting it in its cage, but the timid creature curled up into a ball.”


Some fans say the two cats, Money and Dou Dou, are identical.

And Grace was rumoured to have joined Show and his mother for reunion dinner as a future daughter-in-law, but Show’s manager declined to comment on the singer’s personal matters.

Show seemed to confirm he was seeing Grace last June, and since then the couple have interacted frequently on Instagram and Weibo.

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