Show Luo breaks down after Golden Melody performance

The Taiwanese singer reportedly burst into tears backstage  

Show Luo breaks down after Golden Melody performance
Taiwanese singer Show Luo performed for the first time at the prestigious Golden Melody Awards on Saturday (June 27). The segment, which consisted a 5-minute medley of Show’s famed dance tracks, reportedly amounted to production fees worth NT$1.8 million (approximately S$80,000).

Although his fans were supportive with their loud cheers, Show was heavily pressurised about taking the stage following a lauded performance by acclaimed Hong Kong singer Eason Chan.

Show was reportedly so stressed out that he burst into tears after his segment. His good friend, Jolin Tsai is also said to have gone backstage to give him a big hug as encouragement.

Afterwards, netizens made comparisons between Eason and Show’s performances. Some labelled Show as “the weakest link” among all performers, some criticised him for lacking the calibre to perform at such an esteemed event while some even accused him of lip-syncing.

Later that night, Show took to social media to explain why he broke down. He wrote: “The moment I walked off the stage, the suppressed emotions, nervousness and pressure, as well as the frustrations that I’ve had in the past, were all released!”

Show Luo breaks down after Golden Melody performance
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