Show Luo celebrates his 36th birthday

Show Luo turned 36 yesterday and celebrated with friends and family

Show Luo celebrates his 36th birthday

On the night of Show Luo’s 36th birthday (July 30) his rumoured blogger girlfriend Grace Chow posted a video on Weibo that showed her holding onto her cat’s paws and dancing as music played in the background with the lyrics “I heard it’s yo birthday”.  At the end of the video, she even pulled the kitty in for a kiss.

One minute later, Show also posted a video of his mother making his birthday cake with the caption, “Thank you Mum for making me a cake and thank you all for your wishes! Wishing all of you peace and health!” Then, he posted a comment to Grace, “Can you kiss for a little while longer?”

After netizens saw their flirtatious posts to each other, they began to urge the pair to post a couple picture and observant fans pointed out in the comments that the two appeared to be wearing matching necklaces that night.

In previous interviews, he revealed that he has already changed his mind about staying single and his friends around him who have gotten married convinced him to want to get married. When reporters asked if the lucky woman could be Grace, he laughed and said, “I will announce when I’m getting married. For now, we don’t want to pressurise each other.”

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