Show Luo copies G-Dragon in his latest music video?

Fans of Taiwanese singer defend him, saying, ‘There are only those few elements in music videos’

Show Luo 1

Taiwanese pop star Show Luo released the music video for his new single “Let Go” yesterday, but fans were quick to point out that Show seemed to have copied South Korean singer G-Dragon in the production.

Not only does Show’s track sound like a Korean hip-hop tune, the four-minute clip for “Let Go” contained motifs found in past music videos by G-Dragon. White masks hanging on a wall and an actor standing in a puddle of tar are seen in G-Dragon’s “Coup D’Etat” video, while a group dancing with masks on is found in G-Dragon’s “Heart Breaker” video.

Show MV 1

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Show’s clip even featured an actor with a partially clean-shaven head and a flop of long hair, an iconic look G-Dragon sported in BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” video.

The director of Show’s “Let Go” music video, Muh Chen, was in charge of Taiwanese pop singer Jolin Tsai’s “Play” video, which was accused of ripping off the music video for “Twinkle,” the debut single of Girls’ Generation sub-unit TTS.

Some netizens accuse Show of being unoriginal, but some of his fans are sticking up for him, saying, “There are only those few elements in music videos, so in time there’s bound to be an overlap!”

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