Show Luo denies buying love nest

The entertainer’s rumoured girlfriend Grace Chow flew to Taiwan to celebrate his mother’s birthday

Show Luo denies buying love nest

Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo has yet to confirm his relationship with Chinese blogger Grace Chow but rumours have already escalated to the extent of marriage speculations between the two.

The 36-year-old held an autograph session Ximending, Taipei over the weekend and was once again asked about Grace. His mother, who was also in attendance, only responded with a smile when asked about his son’s alleged love.

When asked if his mother had expressed her wish for grandchildren at her 56th birthday bash, Show coyly replied, “I think everyone wishes for that!”

He was recently spotted looking at houses, sparking questions of whether he was shopping for a love nest. Denying the rumours, he stressed that he places great emphasis on fengshui and was merely helping a friend in the house hunting process. When asked if marriage was on the cards, he avoided the questions completely by pulling a disappearing act on the media gathered.

In related news, Show took time to clarify D-lister Chen Yi’s allegations on Facebook that he is selling his body in order to sell more albums. He shared, “I’ve never forced anyone (to buy my albums) and it’s honestly very tiring for me for me to keep to (taking a photo with fans for every three albums bought and giving a hug for every five albums bought). I’ve been doing this since my very first album so this is a promise between my fans and I; a lot of other celebrities do this too, so I don’t understand why I’m the only one being targeted.”

His manager has emphasised that strong legal action will be taken against her.

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