Show Luo, Jay Chou forgive and forget

The duo seemed to have reconciled and moved on from their old feud


Taiwanese singers Show Luo and Jay Chou, who were said have fallen out years ago over Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai, appeared to have reconciled their friendship at the recent Hito Music Awards.

At the awards show, the two singers shared the stage while receiving their respective awards, with Show interrupting Jay’s speech to promote Jay’s latest movie. Jay returned the favour by quizzing Show on his fatherhood plans as the 36-year-old is currently in a relationship with Chinese blogger Grace Chow. In turn, Show responded to Jay’s question by leaving the stage in a huff – albeit jokingly, to the amusement of the audience.

Later, Show uploaded a picture of the two posing backstage at the awards show, with the caption, “We’ve both grown up,” putting to rest rumours of their continued animosity.


Fans of both Show and Jay cheered at their reunion and left comments on the post, celebrating the renewed friendship between the two singers.

Jay and Show were said to have drifted apart after Show took Jolin’s side after Jay broke up with her. Additionally, Hannah Quinlivan, Jay’s wife, was said to have written a “love letter” to Show in the past, further widening the rift in their friendship.

Photos: PBE Media

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