Show Luo lambasted for declaring himself ‘Chinese’

Netizens bash singer: You’ve brought shame to Taiwanese aborigines


After netizens attacked Taiwanese K-pop star Tzu-yu for displaying the Republic of China flag on a television show, Taiwanese pop singer Show Luo, 36, now finds himself in a similar predicament.

The singer made an appearance at a recent media event for Go Fighting!, the Chinese remake of South Korean variety programme Infinite Challenge.

Asked about his experience working on the programme with Chinese artistes, Show said, “There’s no need to make such a clear distinction, because we’re all Chinese.”

Show was soon criticised online for his remarks, and netizens flooded his Facebook page with a flurry of negative comments, including: “To think you would forget your Taiwanese aboriginal roots,” “I’m thoroughly ashamed of you, you’ve brought shame to Taiwanese aborigines,” “Remember to change your nationality,” and “I apologise to the Chinese, because all this while we mistook Show Luo for Taiwanese, thus preventing him from returning to his motherland.”

Others remarked that he had forgotten his nationality after he started dating Chinese blogger Grace Chow.

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