Show Luo loses 10 kg with his ‘apple diet’

Singer suffers from weight loss regimen


Taiwanese singer Show Luo, 36, shed the 10 kg he put on to star in Stephen Chow’s fantasy movie The Mermaid using the ‘apple diet’ of his own invention, but the torturous process caused him to cry in secret late at night.

According to Taiwanese media, Show is rehearsing for his Crazy World world concert tour, and he has promised his fans he would return to the way he looked when he released his 2011 album, Only for You, by abstaining from carbohydrates and foods with high caloric content.

The singer said he eats only four apples a day even though he has daily rehearsals, and he’s even controlling his water intake. Early this year his weight was nearly 80 kg, but he’s now at 70 kg.

But the process of losing weight was painful for him — whenever he was at home, his mother would remind him to eat well, and then he would return to his room, hide under the bedcovers and cry late at night.

But Show said he was pleased with the results of his diet. “Seeing the change in me was the best encouragement,” he said.

Photos: PBE Media

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